7 Myths About Adoption


There are a lot of stigmas attached to adoption. It is easy to assume that if you choose adoption for your unplanned pregnancy, everyone around you will judge you.

The real truth about adoption may be different than you think, though!

Separating the myths from the truth about adoption is an important step toward making a well-informed decision!

1. Myth: You will regret the decision.

Truth: You will probably feel a mix of emotions after going through with an adoption. You might feel some sadness, guilt, or confusion, AND/OR you might feel relieved, hopeful, and proud that you gave your baby a start in life by making this decision! The complicated feelings are normal. Like with anything in life, there will be pros and cons.

2. Myth: Adoption is “giving up” on my baby.

Truth: Adoption is not ‘giving up.’ You are simply placing the child with another family. It is, in fact, a powerful act of love that puts your child far above your personal needs and wants. If you ask any birth mother if she gave up, she will most likely tell you that she did not. She fought. Hard. She tried everything she could to make the right decision. She put forth so much effort, so much time, and so much of her heart into making the best decision for her child and for herself.

3. Myth: If I place my baby for adoption, they will be mad at me later in life.

Truth: Studies show that nearly 92% of adopted children have positive feelings about their adoption! While this may not be true for every situation, most adopted children will know that their biological mother made a brave and selfless choice so that they could have a beautiful life. This is especially true if you do adoption the right way – with the help of a licensed adoption agency. Through adoption, your child will be given all the love and resources they need to reach their goals.

4. Myth: No-one will want my child

Truth: Adoptive families lovingly welcome children of all different ethnicities and races, as well as intellectual and physical ability! All children are deserving of love.

5. Myth: An open adoption would be confusing for the child

Truth: If you have established healthy connections with birth parents and maintain open and honest communication with your child, then no one will be confused about their adoption relationships. When birth and adoptive parents communicate through open adoption, it can be a great benefit for their lifelong relationship and emotional well-being. Open adoption is also important for adoptees — knowing their biological parents and even biological siblings.

6. Myth: Adoption = Foster Care

Truth: Foster care is for children who are trying to be reunited with their birth family. Their circumstances are vastly different. Children who are being placed for adoption never enter the foster care system. They go directly from their birth mother to their adoptive family. You will have full control over the adoption process!

7. Myth: After the adoption is over, life goes back to normal

Truth: Your adoption story doesn’t just end after you leave the hospital or when the adoption becomes final. It’s totally normal to feel sad after your adoption plan happens, and your child is placed with their adoptive family. The Cline Center has resources for you. We partner with local therapists, doctors, and recovery groups where you can find other women who are going through the same thing.

Whether you have just found out that you are unexpectedly pregnant and are considering your options or have decided on adoption – the Cline Center is your next best step!

You are not alone, and you never will be.

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