After Roe: Will My Only Option Be Parenting?

Roe v. Wade has been overturned. If you are unexpectedly pregnant, it may be easy to assume that your only option will be parenting. If you don’t feel mentally, physically, or emotionally ready to parent, the idea that abortion will be less accessible can seem really scary.

There is no need to panic, though. You still have choices, and the choice is still yours to make.  Let’s take a look at these options and what you may want to consider in making your decision. It is important that you are well-informed about all your options and well-aware of all the resources available to you.


Abortion will not be outlawed on a federal level, only on a state-by-state basis. In Mississippi, abortion will be banned, in all nine months of pregnancy, with an exception for cases of rape and if the life of the mother is threatened. This will begin on July 7th 2022.

There are a few things you should consider before traveling to another state for abortion. An abortion procedure alone is expensive. Travel and an abortion procedure is even more costly. Abortion, both surgical and chemical, can also cause complications, varying in severity, and lasting effects, both physically and mentally. Abortion recovery can be difficult, and traveling will only add another level of difficulty to this.

If you feel as if abortion is your only option, it is in your best interest to first verify the location and viability of your pregnancy and determine how far along you are. You can obtain these services, as well as abortion counseling and information, at the Cline Center, at no cost to you. No insurance is necessary. Please know that the Cline Center is here to support you, without judgement, regardless of what you may be thinking.


Adoption may seem like a difficult choice. You are enduring pregnancy and birth only to give your baby to another family. But it is important to also consider that adoption can be an incredibly empowering and rewarding experience.

When considering adoption, it is critical to locate a reputable adoption agency. It is also important to ensure that you are well-informed about your options in the process, ethical practices, your rights, and the laws surrounding adoption. Most importantly, you should never feel coerced, guilted, or forced throughout the adoption process. The Cline Center can provide you with this information as well as refer you to reputable agencies.

If you do not choose to place your child for adoption, and after delivery feel as if you are unable to parent, please know that you can safely and anonymously surrender your baby at any fire station or emergency room, within 72 hours (about 3 days) after giving birth.


There are a multitude of barriers that can stand in the way of wanting to parent or feeling as if you are ready to parent. These can include a lack of advocacy, an inability to obtain medical services & support services, financial burdens, a career or education, a lack of material support, poor mental health, a prenatal diagnosis, or a lack of childcare. If one or more of these barriers were to be removed, however, would you be more open to the idea of parenting? If your answer to this question is “yes,” it may be in your best interest to explore some of the resources available to you. For instance, the Cline Center can offer you a plethora of support services at no cost to you. These services include counseling with a licensed therapist, support groups, parenting classes, material support, and community referrals.

There are also several websites and other organizations dedicated to helping you identify and locate resources like: Her Plan.

No matter what choice you feel is best for you, or what choice you make, The Cline Center is here for you. Call 601-487-1064, today.