Before Deciding: Why You Should Educate Yourself About Abortion Recovery

Abortion Recovery

If you are unexpectedly pregnant and considering your options, educating yourself about abortion recovery is an important step in making a well-informed decision that is best for you. This includes considering the emotional, physical, psychological, and long-term effects of abortion.

Here are three reasons why it is important to educate yourself about abortion recovery before scheduling an abortion.

1. An Educated Woman = An Empowered Woman

The decision is difficult, and each potential outcome of your pregnancy is difficult in its own way. It is safest for you to understand the emotional and physical impact of abortion before you have an abortion. We believe that an educated woman is an empowered woman.

2. You Need to be Prepared to be Open About your Abortion with the Right People:

Abortion is hard. Abortion recovery is hard. You deserve to know all that you can about how to best care for yourself. Part of knowing all that you can to best care for yourself, is a willingness to be open about your decision with the right people.

If you are considering abortion as a quick fix to a problem – it might be that the problem at hand is something that you want to hide. You need to know that you have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. The unexpected pregnancy you are facing, regardless of the outcome, is part of your life’s journey, and that’s okay. You’re going to be okay. Accepting this and ensuring that you are not having an abortion out of feelings of shame or fear is important.

It’s safest, if you decide to have an abortion, that you are able & prepared to be open with the truth about your abortion with healthcare providers, mental health professionals, and support people in your life.

It is important that your induced abortion is not miscoded, in the ER, as a miscarriage (a spontaneous abortion), as this can lead to higher rates of repeat ER visits, hospital admission, and surgical intervention – due to infection and hemorrhage.

An abortion is not something you should do alone.

3. You Deserve to Know Everything you can About your Decision Before you Make it:

This choice is 100% yours. You do deserve, however, to have all the information about all of your choices before you make your decision. This includes educating yourself about abortion recovery.

Knowing about the abortion procedure & abortion recovery are important steps in making a well-informed decision that is best for you. You can find this information, support, and much more at the Cline Center.

You are not alone, and you never will be. The Cline Center is your best first step.

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