Free Pregnancy and Abortion Counseling For Madison, MS

Safe, Confidential Support for Women

We get it. Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can feel so isolating and scary. At the Cline Centers, we know that you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what’s next. For over three decades, we’ve been helping women make informed decisions about their reproductive health. Our no-cost services extend to women in Madison, Jackson, Clinton, Pearl, Brandon, and all neighboring areas in Mississippi. In our state alone, over 50% of pregnancies are unplanned. At the Cline Centers, we’ve provided a safe environment for women to learn more about their choices and collect all the information necessary to make an empowered decision about their future.

We’re Here to Help

You have choices, and we can help. You have three options: parenting, adoption, and abortion. Every decision is hard in its own way. When making the decision that is best for you, having accurate and objective information about all three choices is essential! At the Cline Centers, were committed to equipping you to make an empowered decision. Our services are grounded in truth, compassion, and hope. We provide women in Madison with a non-judgmental environment to learn more about the various options available to them

Our Complimentary Services

The Cline Centers proudly offers services at no charge to you. Insurance is not needed and you will never receive a bill from us.

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medical consultation

Our team is here to offer support and information as you make your plans. You can talk openly about any questions you may have about topics like abortion, failed contraception, STDs, reproductive health, and more.

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You will receive the results of your pregnancy test during your initial visit from our FDA approved urine pregnancy tests. Your positive pregnancy test and medical evaluation will determine your eligibility for a same- day ultrasound.

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An ultrasound is the best way to determine the viability of your pregnancy and how far along you are. Our team of nurses, sonographers, and physicians will help you figure out the best next step for your health.

The choice is yours, and we can help


Over the last three decades, we’ve helped thousands of Jackson women make confident decisions about their future. We can help you too.


Our services are 100% confidential and available at no cost to you. You’ll never have to worry about receiving a bill from us.


We know this may be one of the hardest decisions you face. We provide you with accurate information that will help you make an empowered decision about your future.

No matter which option you choose, it’s important to talk through your plan in a judgment-free space with people who understand what you’re going through. Before you make a decision, schedule a free consultation with the Cline Centers. We’re here to listen and, more importantly, help Madison women get the care they need.

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