Choose an Abortion Consultation Before you Choose Abortion

Pregnancy Consultation

Think you might be pregnant? Thinking about abortion or ordering abortion pills? Not sure what you want to do yet?

Get clarity with an abortion consultation at the Cline Center. Find the truthful information and personalized care you’re looking for.

Learn what an abortion consultation is, what’s included, and why you should schedule your free abortion consultation, today.

1. What is an abortion consultation.

At the Cline Center, we are here to meet you exactly where you are and walk alongside throughout your journey and long after. During an abortion consultation, you will confirm the location and viability of your pregnancy, talk with a medical professional to get all the information you need about abortion and your other options, and more!

2. What’s included & what is not included.

We understand firsthand that an unplanned pregnancy is really overwhelming, confusing, and lonely. Some women feel like abortion is their only choice. At the Cline Center, we want you to feel empowered.

During your appointment you will receive reproductive care, like a lab-grade pregnancy test and same-day ultrasound, if you qualify, to determine the viability and location of your pregnancy. Often, these are things you will need to move forward with your decision.

You will have the opportunity to share your concerns, circumstances, and everything going on in your life with a trained advocate who is there to listen and help you process! Talking to someone about how you are feeling emotionally can really help.

You will have a private medical consultation with a medical professional to get all the information you need about the abortion procedure and your other options. You will learn about abortion procedures, the abortion pill + surgical abortion, abortion safety, possible risks and complications, abortion recovery, and how to advocate for your own rights, health, and well-being if you choose abortion. Additionally, you might have questions and concerns about topics like failed contraception, STIs, reproductive health, fetal development, other options for your pregnancy, and more.  Our medical professionals are there to answer all of your questions!

We will also work to offer you a plethora of support options and resources based on your needs.

All of these services are completely confidential and totally judgment free!

***Please note that we offer comprehensive abortion education to empower you and your choice, we do not refer for or perform abortion procedures.***

3. Why you should schedule your free abortion consultation today.

No matter what decision you make, it is always safest to verify the viability and location of your pregnancy.

Did you know that 20% of pregnancies end naturally in the first trimester? If your pregnancy is not viable, there is no need to proceed with an abortion.

It is important for your health to verify the location of your pregnancy. If your pregnancy is growing outside of the uterus (an ectopic pregnancy) the likelihood of abortion pill complications, like hemorrhage, infection, and failed abortion, can increase.

It is so important to know how to advocate for your own rights and well-being before visiting an abortion clinic or ordering abortion pills online. This means looking out for abortion care red flags, understanding what complications will look like + how to act, and what to do if you experience regret, like many women do, during or after an abortion.

Same day abortion consultations are available! You’ll get the clarity and support you need to feel empowered + the information you need to make an empowered choice.

Reach out, today! We’re here for you.



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