Grieving your Pre Pregnancy Life

Pregnancy life

The thing you were worried about happened. That pregnancy test is positive. You’re probably feeling a lot of things.

You might feel isolated and lonely right now – that is so hard. You might be experiencing denial, feel very angry, or even feel depressed and detached from reality – many women who have experienced an unplanned pregnancy say that they felt this way too. You might also be scared of your life changing! It’s easy to think, my life will never be the same. Thinking about pregnancy and having a baby can make you feel trapped and uncertain about your future.

You always hear people talk about unplanned pregnancy interrupting a job you really need/a career, or school/graduation/getting a degree. But what about all the other stuff? Like your body, your social life, your weekends, and so much more – pregnancy, no matter what choice you make, is going to change all that, right? Grieving your pre-pregnancy life is normal.

This big change you are thinking about is really stressful. All the things you are thinking and feeling are totally normal and okay.

Let’s face it – having a baby isn’t going to be easy and sometimes our society just isn’t the most baby friendly. If you choose to continue your pregnancy your life is probably going to feel pretty different.

Take a minute to give yourself space, think about all of your choices, and where you can find help. Begin to process what you can and cannot change and maybe even realize that change could be for the better.

Here’s what you need to know and questions you might want to ask yourself.

1. What if change is for the better?

It’s often hard to see in the moment, but sometimes when we find ourselves years down the road after a tough decision, we realize that we were so worried about was actually a change for the better. Think about it for just a second, what if your life changing actually ends up being okay and maybe even good? What would that look like for you? Good doesn’t always mean easy.

2. It’s okay to give yourself space

It’s okay to take some time and process what’s going on. Give yourself some space to feel a little sad, to be a little angry. You do have a choice to make, but you don’t have to make it as soon as you see that positive pregnancy test. You can breathe a little.

3. What are my choices?

When you’re ready to think about it, you have three choices for your pregnancy. You can choose to parent. You can choose to place for adoption. You can choose to have an abortion. At The Cline Center, it is so important to us that you know everything about all of your choices! We’re here with truthful information to help you find clarity. 

4. Understand what you can’t change

It’s tough to hear, but at some point, while you’re processing, it’s important to understand that you can’t change that you are pregnant right now. No matter what choice you make, your life might not ever feel totally the same again. This could be a change for the better or worse. For instance, some women report really struggling with their choice to have an abortion even years after their decision.

5. Where can I find help?

The Cline Center is your best first step. We’re here to help you navigate this unplanned pregnancy and feel empowered while you’re doing it. We’re here to offer you personalized care and a safe space. 

From free pregnancy verifications & ultrasounds to free abortion consultations & advocacy to all the connections & resources you need, you’re not alone.

Reach out, today.

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