right time to get pregnant

I don’t feel like I can be pregnant right now

You might be feeling like you just can’t be pregnant right now.  You might even be searching for abortion pill options online, which can be so overwhelming and confusing. There are so many reasons to feel like you can’t be pregnant right now. It’s a totally normal feeling.

Maybe you feel like you already have too many kids.

Maybe your finances are really tight right now and you just don’t think you can afford it a baby.

Maybe your relationship isn’t good, even toxic.

At the Cline Center, we want to offer you affirmation, encouragement, and a way to move forward.


What you are going through is really, really hard. It’s okay not to feel okay. You have the right to feel all of your emotions. We aren’t judging you.


You are so much stronger than you think. You are extraordinarily capable. You are resilient. Things really are going to be okay. Do you remember any other times in your life that the really hard thing worked itself out?

A Way Forward

You can feel all the negative emotions and still make room for unplanned joy. This is a hard thing, but it could also maybe be a good thing. It’s okay to let both of those things exist at the same time.

We are here for you. At the Cline Center, we can give you all the information, clarity, support, and care you need to make an empowered choice and move forward with an empowered life. Reach out, today. As soon as you call, someone will be there to listen.

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