Abortion Misinformation is Everywhere: How Can I Find Truthful Answers?

You’ve just found out you’re pregnant and you’re considering abortion. You google something like “abortion near me” or “abortion pills online.” The thousands of search results are so overwhelming.

From people celebrating abortion to people criticizing abortion to news articles detailing legal battles over abortion rights to personal stories of abortion regret to websites offering to mail abortion pills to websites directing you out of state to the closest abortion clinic; it could make anyone feel uneasy.

Where do you turn for truthful information about your options?

We Get It:

You just want to find trusted information about all of your reproductive options, but instead you find confusing and conflicting reports about the legality and safety of abortion. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. You wonder who can give you the answers you really need.

How can I find the right information? Is what I’m seeing really true?

Can any clinics be trusted? Can I take these pills alone or do I need professional medical support? Are there any side effects or complications? What happens if I experience complications? What will taking abortion pills do to my body? What will taking abortion pills feel like? Will my mental health suffer?

Maybe you even start to worry, is anyone trying to give me misinformation to mislead my decision and profit off of me? Are there any hidden agendas?

We’re Here For you:

At the Cline Center, we believe that all women deserve the right to accurate and truthful information. All women deserve the best medical care available to them. All women should feel empowered to seek answers to all their questions without judgment.

We also understand that a potential pregnancy can leave you feeling lost, ashamed, and scared. The last thing you need is misinformation. We believe in an era of empowerment and true choice, where misinformation won’t dictate the path that you choose to take.

That is why the Cline Center is dedicated to offering free personalized care and medically accurate, truthful information. Cline Center medical professionals are ready to answer your questions and give you all the information you need to make the best decision for you, free of misinformation or hidden agendas.

Clarity begins with the Cline Center. As soon as you reach out, someone will be there to listen without judgement and help you find a way to move forward.

*** Please note that we offer comprehensive abortion education to empower you and your choice, we do not refer for or perform abortion procedures. ***

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