Single Motherhood – Can I do This?

Single Motherhood

Short Answer: Yes! You CAN!

Single motherhood no longer carries the negative, toxic stigma that it has before. Single mothers should be celebrated!

There is support, there are options, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Emotional Support:

First things first, find emotional support. Pregnancy is difficult. Hormones, life changes, body changes, future plans… it can all feel overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with the right support. Whether or not you choose to become a single mother, Cline Support is here to offer you personalized and comprehensive support long after your decision.

Support options include:

  • Free & Professional Counseling: Cline Support partners with a local resource of professional counselors to offer Cline Support clients counseling and mental health services, free of charge.
  • Support Groups: Embrace Grace is a support group for single pregnant women and single mothers. Hosted by a local church near you, over 12 weeks you will find a sense of belonging with others who are walking in your shoes & find yourself beginning to bloom. At the end of 12 weeks, you will be gifted a baby shower, in your honor, where all of your baby-item needs will be covered!
  • Parenting Classes: Cline Support parenting classes are held virtually & in-person and cover a plethora of parenting topics. Learn essential parenting skills and embark on your parenting journey with confidence and support. While you are attending parenting classes, you will receive free diapers weekly!

Financial Support:

The State of Mississippi does a great job at supporting single women. The options that are offered by the state are not designed to support you through your entire life. But they’re perfect for helping you when you need a hand. These options include Medicaid, WIC, and the WIN Job Center.

Additionally, there are many community resources for single mothers! Click here to view a comprehensive Mississippi directory to locate the kind of care you need from food & clothes to addiction recovery and much, much more!

Cline Support is also here to support you financially and materially! We offer personalized support options including:

  • Resource Rooms are hosted around the community and are open on certain days each month. Clients of Cline Support can shop for complimentary items like clothing (adult & child), diapers, wipes, cribs, highchairs, car seats, bouncers, toys, walkers, furniture & home items!
  • General personalized support: maybe you are uncertain about what kind of support you need in this season. Whether that is navigating Medicaid, locating low-income housing options & other resources, or something else, we would love to walk with you!

Worried about the father-figure?

We know that fatherhood is important. But, we also know that this is not always something you can give your child. And in those situations where the baby’s father is unavailable, it’s ok to have those needs met in other ways. Involving close male mentors with your child as they grow is another way that you can meet those needs for your baby. Coaches, Uncles, or Grandfathers can be amazing resources for single moms who are looking for a male role model.

Most important:

When embarking on a single motherhood journey, remember that you are not alone. There are resources available for any woman who is considering stepping into single motherhood.

As you are beginning your journey, The Cline Center offers free and professional reproductive healthcare, medical consultations, advocacy, and lots of support options!

Call 601-487-1064, today.

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