Thinking Abortion? Your story today does not have to be your story tomorrow.

So, you just found out that you’re pregnant. You really weren’t planning for this and you’re feeling like abortion is your only option.

At the Cline Center, we want you to know that you story today does not have to be your story forever. Right now, you might feel stuck in your circumstances. With the right support, though, you could feel empowered!

1. What does your story look like right now?

We want you to know that you are seen and heard. Maybe you already have kids and feel overwhelmed just trying to care for them. Maybe you’re struggling with finances. Maybe you have a bad relationship with the father of this pregnancy. Maybe you’re exhausted and just trying to keep up and don’t know how you could even care for a baby. Maybe you don’t have a good community or support system surrounding you. Maybe you feel ashamed, and you just want the problem to go away.

2. Rewriting your story with the right support

The circumstances you’re in right now do not have to be your story forever. Rewriting your story and stepping out of your circumstances right now and into a better future can start with the Cline Center.

  • Contact us: You can call us, fill out a form on our website, or you can chat with a nurse online 24/7.
  • As soon as you reach out, someone will be there to offer you a way to move forward. We will meet you exactly where you are and walk alongside you while you make a well-informed decision, with services like our abortion consultation and diagnostic ultrasound.
  • At the Cline Center, we offer you personalized support, comprehensive resources, and transformative community long after your pregnancy decision and long after you welcome your baby into the world, if you choose to keep your pregnancy

You’re story today doesn’t have to be your story tomorrow.

You have more than one choice and you’re so much more capable than you think.

With the right support, you can rewrite your story.

Reach out, today. We’re here for you!

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