Abortion Care Red Flags

Abortion Care

At the Cline Center, we want you to be safe in any care that you seek for your unplanned pregnancy. Here are some red flags to watch out for when you are seeking abortion care or advice online, or in a medical facility.

Red Flag #1

You are made to feel as if you only have one choice.

Red Flag #2

The healthcare professionals informing you of this one choice also profit from you making that decision. The choice they are presenting you with will cost a lot of money.

Red Flag #3

You are never offered information and resources about other options, like parenting and adoption.

Red Flag #4

You are never told about the possibility of mental illness or emotional turmoil after an abortion.

Red Flag #5

You are told that surgical or medical abortion is “100% safe with no risks,” even though this is not true of any surgical or medical process or procedure.

Red Flag #6

You are made to feel as if you are not stronger than your circumstances, like you are not capable of anything but abortion.

Red Flag #7

You are encouraged to purchase abortion pills online, which may be unsafe for you.

Red Flag #8

You are told to go through the abortion process or procedure alone + not to tell anyone what you are doing.

Red Flag #9

If you do have complications, you are told to give healthcare professionals or ER staff misinformation, like you are having a miscarriage, when this is both unnecessary and can be unsafe.

Red Flag #10

Once you have made a decision, the healthcare or medical professionals act as if they are no longer concerned with your well-being. They do not offer mental health support, support groups, free resources, or other comprehensive care.


If you feel uncomfortable or pressured while seeking abortion care or abortion advice, please know that you are free to leave your appointment at any time.

The Cline Center is always here for you. Free, Safe, and Confidential reproductive healthcare and support.

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