Choose Personalized, Local Care with the Cline Center

You’ve just found out you’re pregnant and you’re considering abortion. You google something like “abortion near me” or “abortion pills online.”

One online search brings up thousands of conflicting results and ever since Roe v Wade was overturned there is no actual abortion provider in Mississippi. Whether it’s online or in a different state, every result seems to offer distant care.

Where do you find personalized, local care for your unplanned pregnancy?

We Get It:

You just want to sit down and talk to someone about your circumstances and a way to move forward. You need the reassurance of personalized care, but instead you find distant care.

Some websites direct you to purchase abortion pills online, but you worry if you need medical oversight and what do to if you experience complications.

Some websites direct you to travel out of state, but you worry about cost, time off work, and traveling after a serious procedure.

It all makes you feel isolated and anxious.

We’re Here For You:  

The Cline Center is local to you in Jackson, Mississippi. We aren’t in a different state or just online!

We make personalized care, local care for your unplanned pregnancy simple with our free abortion consultation.

We offer an abortion consultation because we want to help you feel well equipped to make the best decision for your unique circumstances. An abortion consultation with the Cline Center will help you understand what abortion will look like and what it will mean for you. During an abortion consultation, you will confirm the location and viability of your pregnancy, talk with a medical professional to get all the information you need about abortion and your other options, and more!

What’s Included In An Abortion Consultation?

  • During your consultation you will receive reproductive care, like a lab-grade pregnancy test and same-day ultrasound, if you qualify, to determine the viability and location of your pregnancy. Often, these are things you will need to move forward with your decision.
  • You will have the opportunity to share your concerns, circumstances, and everything going on in your life with a trained advocate who is there to listen and help you process! Talking to someone about how you are feeling emotionally can really help.
  • You will have a private medical consultation with a medical professional to get all the information you need about the abortion procedure and your other options. You will learn about abortion procedures, the abortion pill + surgical abortion, abortion safety, possible risks and complications, abortion recovery, and how to advocate for your own rights, health, and well-being if you choose abortion. Additionally, you might have questions and concerns about topics like failed contraception, STIs, reproductive health, fetal development, other options for your pregnancy, and more. Our medical professionals are there to answer all of your questions!
  • We will also offer you a plethora of support options and resources based on your needs.
  • All of these services are completely confidential and totally judgment free!


*** Please note that we offer comprehensive abortion education to empower you and your choice, we do not refer for or perform abortion procedures. ***

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