Considering Abortion? Personalized Care and Clarity are just a Phone Call Away

Considering Abortion

At the Cline Center we strive to ensure that your needs are met at your comfort level. We understand that not everyone may have the immediate ability to get themselves to an in-clinic appointment. We also understand that you may not be ready to take that step, or you may just be unsure of what to expect!

That’s okay! We get it. Any clinical appointment can be nerve wracking, even without the added anxiety of an unplanned pregnancy. That is why we offer convenient information and support that is just one phone call away. It really is that simple – just a phone call from the security and comfort of your own space.

Trained individuals are standing by right now waiting to advocate on your behalf by offering compassion and hope & equipping you with the information and resources you need. They are ready to spend as much or as little time, as you would prefer, listening and helping you find the answers you need.

Every call is always confidential, judgement free, and customizable.

Every Call is Confidential

You may not have felt comfortable enough to tell anyone about our pregnancy or extenuating circumstances yet – that’s okay. Everything you tell us is confidential and will not go beyond you and the trained advocate or medical professional you are speaking with.

Every Call is Judgement free

Regardless of your circumstances, what you are thinking, or what you are feeling – you will never be judged. It’s a safe place. You can be as messy or as vulnerable as you need to be.

Every Call is Customizable

What does “help” mean to you, right now? Does it look like one of the options below?

  • A safe space to process your feelings, emotions, and options with a trained advocate
  • A virtual consultation or phone consultation with a medical professional to discuss the abortion procedure, pregnancy, and fetal development
  • Counseling services, with a professional Counselor, at no charge to you
  • Referrals and connections to community resources & material support
  • Support groups or parenting classes

We know that this is one of the hardest things you will ever face. We simply want to meet you where you are and walk alongside of you in this journey.

Call 601-487-1064.

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